Roaring River State Park


The rugged and scenic landscape of Roaring River State Park paints a colorful setting for much of the intriguing history and folklore associated with the Ozark hills. With its deep, narrow valley, mountain like terrain and deep blue spring, the park’s natural beauty is breathtaking.

Over thousands of years, the White River cut into the flat plateau, creating deep, steep-walled valleys and exposing an unusual variety of rock formations for such a small area. The area’s geology and rugged landscape influence the growth of more than 600 species of plants in Roaring River State Park, many of which cannot be found in any other region of the state.

Area Details

Difficulty: Easy to Difficult

Trail Length: Multiple trails with 10.3 of total hiking miles

Location: 1 hr southwest of Springfield

Amenities: Camping, lodging, dining, picnic areas, bathrooms and showers

Pet Friendly: Yes

Kid Friendly: Yes

Best Use

Day Hikes

Best time to visit

Open Year-Round

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