Platypus Platy Bottles Review

Platypus Platy Bottles Review

Platypus Platy bottle

GPS location devices, pressurized water filtrations devices, stoves that can fit in the palm of your hand…outdoor activities can be pretty complicated these days. All this technical innovation has made some things possible today that otherwise could not be accomplished, but its also nice to know that some things can still be simple. That’s one of the great perks about carrying your water in a Platypus Platy Bottle.

Some of the other great things are that it weighs less than any other water storage method I know. Platypus says that it actually weighs 80% less than a hard bottle of equal volume…every ounce counts. Also, it’s BPA free and I’ve never noticed that “plasticky” taste that I often get from hard water bottles.

I have been taking mine on kayaking trips and just laying it flat in the bottom of my storage compartment. The cold water below the boat keeps the water nice and cool for drinking and it takes up very little space lying flat like it does. It’s also great for backpacking! Hard-sided water storage containers still take up the same amount of space as the water gets consumed, but these platy bottles collapse as the volume decreases. This means that not only does the pack get lighter, but it can also be compressed down to a smaller and less-bulky size. The collapsibility also means that extra empty bottles can be stored in the pack if needed without taking up much space at all.

Platypus Platy Bottle on kayak

I was worried a little about the durability of the bottle itself. So far, I have only good things to say. It holds up well being tossed out on rocky banks and around campsites. It is made to stand alone on a level surface. I know with all bottles and bladders of this type, it’s important to store them clean and dry. If you use any kind of sweetened drink, it needs to be cleaned and dried thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew build-up.

We carry these in 1 and 2 liter sizes. 2 liter is my favorite and costs $12.95.

Happy camping!

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